Inspire - What a powerful word

Submitted by Eagle Advisor Group on Mon, 04/02/2018 - 10:00am

What a powerful word. To inspire goes way beyond encouraging or even giving hope.  To inspire literally means to breathe in, to infuse with confidence and an enthusiasm, propelling one to incredible heights.  To inspire others is probably the single most important mission of a leader, and unfortunately, a responsibility too many ignore.

Do you acknowledge this significant role – to inspire others?  Do you want those around you to be remarkable and produce extraordinary results?  Start by evaluating your words, your verbal and nonverbal communications, and your actions toward others.  Be an “uplifter,” let others know you believe in them and impart to them your overflowing enthusiasm.  Please note to fully grasp this critical role in leadership, you may have to deal with your own fears, attitudes, and self-doubt.